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Studio lighting

Lighting & Studio Equipment

Sekonic Flash and Ambient Light Meters Sekonic Flash and Ambient Light Meters
L-208 Twinmate L-308S Flashmate L-478D LightMaster Pro L-478DR LightMaster Pro

Photogenic Powerlight Professional Studio Lighting Photogenic Professional Lighting
Powerlight and Studiomax Monolights, Lighting Outfits, Eclipse Umbrellas, Softboxes and accessories

Photek Digital Lighthouse Photek
Digital Lighthouse for shadowfree product photography The Extender-Unleash your camera from the restraints of your tripod

JTL Corp background support and wheeled boom stand JTL Corporation
Background supports Wheeled Boom stand

Quantum Instruments battery packs, modules and Q-Flash products Quantum Instruments products
Q-Flash T5D Turbo Batteries Battery 1+ Modules

PocketWizard Plus II wireless transciever PocketWizard
PocketWizard Plus III wireless transceiver PocketWizard PlusX wireless transceiver PocketWizard FlexTT5 transceiver and MiniTT1 transmitter for TTL with Canon or Nikon PocketWizard MultiMAX transceiver

RadioPopper RadioPopper
RadioPopper JrX transmitter & receiver Radiopopper PX TTL transmitter & receiver

Westcott muslin backgrounds and light stands Westcott muslin backgrounds and light stands
Collapsible muslin backgrounds Sheet muslins in assorted colors in 10'x12' and 10'x 24' Light stands from 8' to 13'

Superior Seamless paper backgrounds in 53 and 107 inch wide Superior Seamless paper backgrounds
Paper backgrounds in assorted colors in 53" and 107" widths Vinyl backgrounds 107" wide Twistflex collapsible muslin backgrounds

Smith Victor Smith Victor
Smith Victor studio products

Manfrotto Avenger studio light stands Manfrotto Avenger light stands
Stands from backlight stands to heavy duty 13' height

JTL Corporation background support JTL Corporation background support
Portable background support outfit with stands, crossbar and carry bag

SP Studio litedisc reflectors SP Studio litedisc reflectors
Reflectors available in translucent and 2 sided

Westcott softboxes & umbrellas Westcott softboxes & umbrellas
Softboxes in assorted sizes and umbrellas available in 32, 45, 60 inch and styles of white satin, soft silver, and white with removeable black cover

Bulbs for Studio, Projectors and EnlargersPhotographic Bulbs
Bulbs for Studio, Projectors and Enlargers

Sync Cords
Sync cords in assorted styles and lengths to choose

Lighting Accessories

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